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MEF Academy offers quality and professional training courses in the area of Industrial Relations such as labour laws, discipline and collective bargaining, Human Resources Management and Occupational Safety and Health. Public courses are arranged throughout the year and in-plant training courses are designed and conducted at the request of individual employers. For all the courses, the relevant legislations and specially compiled course materials are supplied.


Executive Degree in Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations


This Executive Degree in HRM&IR course is launched by MEF Academy in collaboration with Open University Malaysia (Institute of Professional Development) after years of research and study. The modules will be conducted by Human Resource Specialists, Industrial Relations practitioners, Lawyers, Academicians from Open University Malaysia & MEF with Representatives from the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Commencement Period :
2 August 2015


Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management & Development


The Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management & Development is designed to provide comprehensive approach for personnel working in / entering into Human Resources field. 

Commencement :
2 August 2015



Certificate Program in Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR is increasingly gaining importance globally, and has transformed into "Social Responsibilities" (SR) with multi-stakeholders platform.

Commencement :
27 February 2015


Executive Diploma in Industrial Relations


The Executive Diploma is designed as an in-depth advanced course targeted at Human Resource practitioners and specialist Industrial Relations / Labour Laws personnel. 

Commencement :
24 May 2014


Winning Difficult Customers
5 August 2015
MEF HQ, Petaling Jaya

Effective Supervisory Skills
17 & 18 August 2015
Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Peak Performance Through Effective Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
20 & 21 August 2015
Eastin Hotel, Penang

Behavioral Based Interviewing Skills
24 & 25 August 2015
Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Behavioral Interview Assessment Using S.T.A.R Methodology
27 August 2015
Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

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