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As productivity lags and the global economy crawls, leaders find that they must scrutinize their operations to achieve high-performance and be competitive. Can technology alone deliver the performance gains CEOs need to generate value and to create efficiencies? Industries such as in the banking sector have been overwhelmed by a digital revolution. In responding to the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution, there will be fundamental changes in the connections between companies, their employees and their customers.

Employers are placing a high emphasis on technical skills, technological expertise, and the ability to drive innovation which are critical for modern organizations. Soft skills such as the ability to lead and manage culture, have become critical factors of success for companies in the future of work as they seek to maximize their value through their people.

With the new and affordable capabilities made possible by automation, a significant number of new job opportunities and new markets will continue to be created. At the same time, existing jobs or tasks could disappear or be re-designed. These changes in capabilities and skills needs and the transformation in the organisation of work will better cater to the needs of individuals and companies. They will also provide for different work opportunities, accommodate better work-life balance and provide easier access to income opportunities, wherever they arise. But they also pose challenges arising from future forms of employment, the polarisation of skills, the adequacy of existing legal, institutional or social protection frameworks, among others.

Date & Venue
Date : 8 - 9 October 2019
Venue : Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Conference fees from RM1,755 (excluding 6% SST)

Why Attend
  • Acquire knowledge on Future of Work Issues and Challenges Facing Malaysian Employers
  • Insight on New Technology and its Impact on Business and Employment
  • Gain understanding on Aligning Leadership Transformation for Future of Work
  • Learn the latest techniques in Harnessing Local Talent
  • Explore the strategies of Agile HR in empowering HR professionals in managing disruption
  • Track the latest developments in Blockchain for HR/IR transformation
  • Facilitate opportunities to broaden networking with senior executives and academia

Who Should Attend
  • HR Practitioners (Heads, Directors, Managers, Consultants)
  • Representatives from Unions and NGOs
  • Management (IT, Legal, Finance)
  • Representatives from Government
  • Academia from Colleges, Universities, Technical and Vocational Institutions

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