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MEF Academy Events
 23Power Query: Transforming Your Work Processes using Excel23 Sept, 7 Oct 2019
 23Occupational Safety & Health Act 199423 September 2019
 24Implementation of Payroll and Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) Audit (Session 2)24 September 2019
 24Certified Professional Leadership in Management24-25 September 2019
 25Power of Coaching & Counselling for Performance at the Workplace (Regional)25-26 September 2019
 30Criminal Misconduct in Employment30 September 2019
 01Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional 1-2 October 2019
 01Breaches in Contract of Employment1 October 2019
 02Supervisory Skills For The New Workforce2-3 October 2019
 07Power Query: Transforming Your Work Processes using Excel7 Oct 2019
 07Data Management with PivotTable using Microsoft Excel7 Oct 2019
 08Microsoft Excel (Fundamental & Intermediate) – Essential Skills8-9 October 2019

Conferences & Seminars
MEF Workshop on Fixed Term Contracts - Legal and Practical Guide Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in EmploymentEastin Hotel Petaling Jaya12 September 2019
Brochure & Registration Form
The programme will highlight and focus thoroughly on issues and the laws pertaining to fixed term employment contracts. It is pertinent to note that the Industrial jurisprudence in Malaysia do not recognize fixed term contracts other than those which are genuine fixed term contact and ones which conforms to the needs of business.
This one day programme’s aim is to present a systematic and integrated view of the legal and practical issues relating to fixed term contracts of employment in Malaysia.

The program will specifically deal with issues relating to employment of fixed term contract and also the legitimate expectation of the substantial rights for those in employment to continuous and permanent employment in comparison to temporary fixed term contracts of employment.

Topic Covered
• Fixed term contracts - The Legal Definition
• Forms of Fixed Term Contracts
• Doctrine of legitimate expectation
• Sanctity of contract of employment
• Fixed terms contracts - Genuine or not?
• Thorough discussion of the Hang Chiang High School Case & other relevant cases
• Termination of employment of Fixed Term Contract
-  Expiry/non- renewal of fixed term contracts
-  Fixed term contracts - premature termination
-  Fixed term contracts - Redundancy situation
-  Misconducts
-  S.20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1967
• Fixed term contracts - Foreign employees
• Fixed Term Contract and the Minimum Retirement Age Act
• Cases Laws on Fixed Term Contract

MR. M. VIVEKANANDAN is a Special Function Adviser with Malaysian Employers Federation. He has extensive experience representing employers in Industrial and Labour Court for the past 15 years. Prior to his attachment to the Malaysian Employers Federation, he had served the Department of Labour the Department of Industrial Relations (H.Q) holding various positions. He was involved in the administration and enforcement of labour laws for 25 years.  
MS. SARASWATHI RAVINDRAN is a Senior Consultant - IR with more than 10 years’ experience with MEF. She is a lawyer by profession who has completed her Masters in Law (UKM). She graduated from University of Northumbria UK and also has the Certificate in Legal Practice. Prior to joining MEF she has worked in an established Legal Firm in Kuala Lumpur as an Advocate and Solicitor specializing in Industrial Relations Practice.
• MEF Members: RM 950 + 6% SST
• Non-Members:RM 1,100 + 6% SST

For more details of the Program & Registration Form, please see the attached file. 
Enquiries ~ 03 - 7955 7778
Cik Norkhalidah • ext 163 •
Pn Nurul Afiqah • ext 164 •


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