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MEF Academy Events
 28Certificate in Performance Coaching & Counseling28–30 September 2020
 01Criminal Misconduct in Employment1 October 2020
 06Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional (CSR)6–7 October 2020
 06Employment Act 1955 & Regulations6-7 October 2020
 07Certified Training Needs Assessor (TNA)7-8 October 2020
 08Time Management and Handling Work Stress - For Non-Executives (Post-Covid 19) (Mandarin)8 October 2020
 14HR For Beginners14-15 October 2020
 26Termination of Employment-During & Post MCO26-27 October 2020
 27Supervisory Skills For The New Workforce27-28 October 2020

Conferences & Seminars
Practical Domestic Inquiry in Accordance with Rules of Natural JusticeThe Boulevard - A St Giles Hotel, Kuala Lumpur27 August 2020
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Employment is a Proprietary Right and a Fundamental Liberty to all employees. It is therefore, pertinent to ensure fairness in finding the truth to the charges of misconduct imposed on an employee. Hence, a Domestic Inquiry is carried out to achieve this. The Validity and Accuracy of a Domestic Inquiry can only be achievable if the conduct of the Domestic Inquiry adheres at all stages to the Principle of Natural Justice. The Principle of Natural Justice is twofold “audi alteram partem” and “nemo judex in causa sua”.

The terminal objective of this seminar is to prepare participants with the knowledge on the practical aspect of the proper conduct of a Domestic Inquiry.

Participants attending this seminar will be able to conduct the Domestic Inquiry in accordance to the Best Practices of Industrial Relations and the Law.

Topic Covered
• Security of Tenure
• Principle of Natural Justice
• Drafting of Charges
• Preparation of Domestic Inquiry
• Validity and Accuracy of the Domestic Inquiry
• Proper Conduct of the Domestic Inquiry
   - DI Framework - Examination in Chief/Cross Examination/Re-examination
   - Role of Chairman / Panel Members
   - Role of Prosecutor
• Preparation of the Verbatim Minutes of DI
• Preparation of findings of Panel of DI
• Role Play *
• Debrief and Lesson Learn from the Role Play
*Participants will be given a DI Role Play Script for participation in their respective roles. Trainers will guide participants to ensure the smooth conduct the role play.

Sample of Verbatim minutes, sample of panel finding report, sample of charge sheet etc all be provided at the training in a form of a booklet.

LT COL (R) HJ MOHD AKHIR BIN HJ HAMZAH is a Senior Consultant – IR in MEF. Prior to joining MEF, he was a Senior Manager Human Resource at the International Medical University (IMU). His career in the private sector initially was as an Assistant Registrar at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). He joined UNITEN upon completion of his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff UK. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Transport UK and a UiTM graduate. Lt Col. Akhir has extensive experience in representing member companies in Industrial Court hearings at the Industrial Court. His other main key role is as a Trainer; conducting Industrial Relations courses at public programs and at company premises which include Managing Performance of Employees.

MS. SARASWATHI RAVINDRAN is a Senior Consultant -IR with more than 12 years’ experience with MEF. She is a lawyer by profession who has completed her Masters in Law (UKM). She graduated from University of Northumbria UK and also has the Certificate in Legal Practice. Prior to joining MEF she has worked in an established Legal Firm in Kuala Lumpur as an Advocate and Solicitor specializing in Industrial Relations Practice. Her current duties include handling Industrial and Labour Court cases representing MEF’s Member Companies. She also provides advisory and consultancy services to member Companies pertaining to Employment matters. She is also actively involved in providing Trainings, in relation to The Employment Act 1955, Disciplinary Procedures, Managing Probationers, Handling Termination, Understanding Sexual Harassment, Domestic Inquiry etc.

Who Should Attend
All those involved in handling Industrial Relations, those conducting Domestic Inquiry and those Panel of Domestic Inquiry etc.

• MEF Members: RM 950 + 6% SST 
• MEF Non-Members: RM 1,100 + 6% SST

Enquiries ~ 03-7955 7778
Cik Norkhalidah (ext.163)
Pn Nurul Afiqah (ext.164) •
Pn Sabiyah (ext.146)

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