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MEF Academy Events
 23Power Query: Transforming Your Work Processes using Excel23 Sept, 7 Oct 2019
 23Occupational Safety & Health Act 199423 September 2019
 24Implementation of Payroll and Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) Audit (Session 2)24 September 2019
 24Certified Professional Leadership in Management24-25 September 2019
 25Power of Coaching & Counselling for Performance at the Workplace (Regional)25-26 September 2019
 30Criminal Misconduct in Employment30 September 2019
 01Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional 1-2 October 2019
 01Breaches in Contract of Employment1 October 2019
 02Supervisory Skills For The New Workforce2-3 October 2019
 07Power Query: Transforming Your Work Processes using Excel7 Oct 2019
 07Data Management with PivotTable using Microsoft Excel7 Oct 2019
 08Microsoft Excel (Fundamental & Intermediate) – Essential Skills8-9 October 2019

 Suspension of i-Kad leaves bosses in a bind  Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said there has been no official announcement on the matter by the Immigration Department yet.Tuesday, 17 September 2019
 Employers group tells why workers can’t expect flexi-work options  MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan claimed that Malaysian companies in general could not currently afford to provide such benefits.Thursday, 5 September 2019
 Bosses against raising retirement age  Employers and manufacturers are not in favour of raising the retirement age to 65 as it will limit the recruitment of younger workers into the workforce.Thursday, 5 September 2019
 Experts suggest flexi route to raising retirement age; employers want tax breaks  Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Shamsuddin Bardan suggested, however, that a tax relief package be introduced should people be encouraged to work beyond age 60.Tuesday, 3 September 2019
 Mixed reactions over proposals  Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said the introduction of Cola - but without an increase in productivity from employees - would lessen the competitiveness of Malaysian companies.Tuesday, 3 September 2019
 Encourage re-employment  Malaysian Employers Federation executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said they will be re-employed in a different capacity but their expertise will still be utilized.Tuesday, 3 September 2019
 Anjakan Paradigma Latihan Industri Malaysia  Ruang Bicara on Bernama News Channel interview Y.Bhg. Professor Datuk Dr. Mohammad Shatar Sabran, Vice Chansellor, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) and Y.Bhg. Datuk Hj Shamsuddin Bardan, Executive Director, Malaysian Employers Federation on the topic "Anjakan Paradigma Latihan Industri Malaysia".Wednesday, 21 August 2019 [External Site/Link]
 Malaysia ill-prepared for IR 4.0, employers group agrees  MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan said IR 4.0 was already creeping in and, as such, students completing studies, whether at degree, diploma and even Form 5 level, must be urgently equipped with the right IT and technology knowledge.Saturday, 17 August 2019
 Prepare for a future of automation  The use of automation in the future is unavoidable and it is a concern for both bosses and workers, says Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.Friday, 9 August 2019
 MRP Reduction Planning  MEF, in collaboration with MRP Advisory Services, invite employees of MEF member companies to grab this exclusive opportunity to reduce up to 80% of their housing mortgage interest amount and loan tenure through financial restructuring plan.Wednesday, 10 July 2019
 Ijazah bukan lagi 'lesen' dapatkan kerja impian  Persekutuan Majikan-Majikan Malaysia (MEF) mengakui gulungan ijazah kini bukan lagi lesen besar untuk menempatkan diri dalam dunia pekerjaan..Sunday, 7 July 2019
 MOU between Government of Malaysia, MTUC, MEF and ILO on Decent Work Country Programme in Malaysia (2019 - 2025)  Monday, 24 June 2019
 Employers: Refugees can fill the labour gap  However, many of the employers interested in employing refugees who are here are wary about doing so as it is considered illegal in Malaysia, says its executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan.Sunday, 23 June 2019
 MTUC at loggerheads with HR Ministry, MEF over ratification of trade union rules  The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) is at loggerheads with the Human Resources Ministry and the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) over the proposal for the ratification of a convention..Saturday, 22 June 2019
 YB M. Kula Segaran at dinner function with Malaysian Diaspora and Malaysian Delegates to 2019 ILC  Friday, 21 June 2019
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Power Query: Transforming Your Work Processes using ExcelMidvalley City, KL23 Sept, 7 Oct 2019
Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994MEF Petaling Jaya23 September 2019
Implementation of Payroll and Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) Audit (Session 2)Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya24 September 2019

2018p 2019f
Key Indicators*
Population (million)32.432.7
Real GDP (% Growth)4.74.3 ~ 4.8
Per Capita Income (RM)42,62744,275
CPI (% Growth)1.00.7 ~ 1.7
Labour Indicators*
Labour Force (million persons)15.315.6
Employment (million persons)14.815.1
Unemployment Rate (%)3.43.3 ~ 3.5
Retrenchment (persons)23,168N/A
Foreign Workers ('000)2,015N/A
Average Salary Increase**
Executive (%)4.88%4.86%
Non Executive (%)4.88%4.89%
Average Bonus Granted**
Executive (months)2.182.06
Non Executive (months)1.951.97
pPreliminary   fForecast  
Source: * BNM Annual Reports
             ** MEF Salary Surveys

5 Oct 2019 Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar
5 Oct 2019 Hari Jadi Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sabah
11 Oct 2019 Hari Jadi Yang di-Pertua Negeri Melaka
12 Oct 2019 Hari Jadi Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak
24 Oct 2019 Hari Keputeraan Sultan Pahang
27 Oct 2019 Hari Deepavali
1 Nov 2019 Hari Keputeraan Sultan Perak
9 Nov 2019 Hari Keputeraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. (Maulidur Rasul)
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