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Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya 28 - 30 MAY 2019
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Mrs T.Rani Nathan is a Senior Consultant with MEF Academy, the training & education arm of Malaysian Employers Federation. She is a Certified Trainer recognized by the Human Resources Development Berhad (PSMB), with 20 years extensive experience and expertise in Japanese Management Training, Managerial Skills, Supervisory Skills, Performance Management, Change Management, Training Skills, Presentation Skills and Customer Services Skills programs.
Mrs. Rani holds professional certifications as Master Trainer awarded by United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) – Malaysian Institute of Integrity; Certified Trainer by Human Resource Development Corporation, Certificate in Training Services from International Labour Organisation and Qualified Management Training Programme (MTP) Trainer from Japan Industrial Training Association (JITA). Mrs Rani holds Masters In Law (LL.M) from University Malaya, LL.B (Hons) from University of London and Certificate In Legal Practice (CLP). Clients include YSP Industries, POS Malaysia, College Tunku Abdul Rahman, Royale Bintang Hotel, AmBank Group, Alloy Consolidated Bhd, Nadayu Properties, ShinEtsu Manufacturing, Malaysian Airline Systems, KPJ Hospitals, etc.

The Certificate in Training provides participants with a solid foundation in understanding the strategic ro1le of training within an organization as well as the step-by-step approach of developing and delivering effective training programs. This practical course involves a range of learning activities with emphasis on ‘demonstration role-play’ presentation using questioning, feedback and facilitation techniques to stimulate participation and deal with difficult participants. The program is designed to:
-Provide basic qualification and recognition as  professional trainer
-Develop knowledge, skills and expertise in the organizational development and the training cycle within an organisation
-Develop knowledge and skills in conducting training needs analysis, development of training documentation and training evaluation
-Demonstrate knowledge and skills in adult learning,  training designs that facilitate active learning and presentation skills for training at the workplace

Topics Covered


Organisa-tional Development &  INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN 
Ø  Overview of Organisational Development
Ø  Understanding Instructional Design – ADDIE Model
Ø  Understanding Learning Theories
o    Pedagogy and Andragogy
o    Behaviorist, Cognitive, Constructionist
o    Principles of Adult Learning
Mrs. T.Rani Nathan
Ø  Comprehensive knowledge on the steps involved in a Training Cycle
Ø  Knowledge on the step-by-step process of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Ø  Understanding the competency analysis and training intervention required.
Ø  Developing the Training Objectives, Learning Outcomes & Content
Mr. K.Sri Vahlsan
Program design & development
Ø  Develop instructional strategies
o    Program Design using adult learning principles
o    Kolb’s learning styles and experiential learning
Ø  Develop Lesson Instruction
o    Program plan & schedule
o    Presentation methodology
o    Media / visual aids
o    Training Environment
8 hours
Mrs. T.Rani Nathan
Ø  Trainer 5 step competencies
Ø  Delivering the training
o    Public speaking skills
o    Vocal projection
o    Body language
o    Facilitation skills
Mrs. T.Rani Nathan
Training Evaluation
Ø  Understanding the Kirkpatrick 4 levels of Evaluation
Ø  Assessment of Trainer Skills
o    Role Play & demonstration presentations
o    Assignment on Program Delivery & Development
Mrs. T.Rani Nathan &
Mr. K.Sri Vahlsan
total hours



















The course is highly participative and practical in nature.  A range of learning methods will be used which are designed to combine sufficient theory and practice.  Assessments will be continuous for the duration of the program through a combination of:-
-Learning activities structured into the content
-Specific organization-based research assignments
-Formal examinations
-Comprehensive project papers

All modules, learning activities, research assignments, examinations and project papers are designed to ground input material whilst drawing relevance to participant’s organization and work functions.  This ensures maximum transfer of learning to the workplace.

Certified Professional Trainer will be awarded by the MEF Academy and University Swinburne upon completion of all program requirements.

Target Audience

​Organizations are encouraged to provide formal certification for executives /team leaders / supervisors / managers as well as staff who are required to train others in the course of their work.

  • ​Lectures
  • Presentation
Scheme SBL Fee 1700
Duration 21 Members Less Less RM100
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