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Termination of EmploymentMEF Petaling Jaya 27-28 May 2019
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Mr Nantha Kumar, Sr Consultant IR, joined MEF since 2009.  He represents member companies  at Industrial Court, conciliation proceedings, and labour court cases.  Working experience with a bank  where his last position  a Senior Executive in the Operations Control/Audit Review Dept.  He left in 2000 to further his legal studies.  After qualifying as an Advocate & Solicitor he practiced with Messr Sri Ram & Co and Messr P Kupusamy & Co specializing in Employment Laws. 

This course has been designed to identify specifically the different kinds of termination of employment and dismissal cases. Participants will be informed of the proper procedures that need to be adopted in dealing with different situations. Specific cases dealt with by the Industrial Court identifying the pitfalls will be discussed.​

Topics Covered

What is termination simplicitor

Basis for termination of Employment:

We shall explore the following:

  • Poor performance issues
  • Resignation
  • Retrenchment - Proper process and procedures
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Retirement
  • Fixed term contract
  • Frustration of Contract on Medical Grounds
  • Dismissal for misconduct


Types of misconduct that merit dismissal

  • Malingering
  • Absenteeism & Late Coming
  • Assault towards a superior
  • Cyber Misconduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Abuse of Medical leave
  • Falsifying Medical Leaves
  • False Declaration
  • Theft
  • Fighting
  • Sleeping on Duty
  • Dishonestly
  • Many more


Dismissal for misconduct/termination

  • The Proper Procedures to be adopted
Target Audience

​All those involved in handling personnel and industrial relations functions.

  • ​Discussions
  • Analysis of relevant awards
Scheme SBL Fee RM950
Duration 14 hours (2 days) Members Less Less RM100
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There are currently no events scheduled for other dates or venues.