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Handling Misconduct Relating to AbsenteeismMEF Petaling Jaya 25 July 2019
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Absence of employees from work affects productivity of an organisation and is a burden to employers. The absence of employees from work would upset working schedules and affect the morale of other employees in the organisation. It can also cause conflicts and adversely affect human relations in employment.
Absenteeism may be managed and controlled. In order to handle absenteeism effectively, employers have to determine the reasons for the employees’ absence. The management must initiate action to prevent or at least minimise absenteeism through the various control methods.
Goh Seng Wing is a Consultant – Industrial Relations with Malaysian Employers Federation since 2004. He is the former Deputy Director General of Labour, Semenanjung Malaysia, and the former Senior Director, Department of Industrial Relations, Malaysia.  He has extensive experience in handling disciplinary matters in employment including misconduct relating to absenteeism.  He has wide knowledge in the interpretation of the employment laws.
The objective of this course is to study:
  1. The nature of absenteeism in Employment
  2. The causes of absenteeism
  3. Effective handling of absenteeism through discipline action and various absenteeism control method
The absenteeism control measures practiced by the employers are targeted on employees who are abusing the work system and facilities available in employment. It should be undertaken in such a manner that it would not penalise employees who are absent with genuine reasons or reasonable excuses.
The course should be able to assist the employers to make decision in the choice of absence control methods to prevent or minimise absenteeism to overcome the problems caused by absenteeism in employment.
Topics Covered
Part I - Managing Leave
·     What is Leave?
·     The Right To Take Leave
·     Applying & Approval Of Leave
·     Sick Leave Entitlement
·     Abuse Of Sick Leave
Part  II - Managing Absenteeism
·    Provisions in ea 1955 relating to absence
·    Absence on medical grounds 
·    Absence due to strike
·    Absence causing frustration of contract
Part III - Absenteeism Control Measures
·    Costs of absence
·    Calculating Absence Rate
·    Preventive measures
·    Awareness programme and Communications
·    Health care programme
·    Programmes against Addiction in the workplace
·    Work organization
·    Good attendance schemes
·    Flexitime
·    Data Collection & interpretation
·    Dissemination of Information
·   Setting norms
·   Disciplinary Action
Target Audience
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Personnel Executives
  • Industrial Relations Officers
  • All those involved in personnel management​
  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Practical exercises​
Scheme SBL Fee RM800
Duration 1 day Members Less Less RM50
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