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Behavioural Based Interviewing SkillsMEF Petaling Jaya 5-6 August 2019
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According to Harvard Business Review, up to 50% of all executive hires end in firing or resignation. Why?
According to Harvard, success today depends increasingly on tangible (Technical) and intangible competencies–like teamwork and cross-cultural literacy rarely found on Curriculum Vitae (CV) Before the interview process, it is important that the Hiring Managers know what they are really looking for in a candidate, in terms of the measure of Competencies. Job Description explains about the job to be performed, and Competencies is about the person who is doing the job. The manner in which the Employee Requisition form is filled, especially in underlining the Competencies for the job is vital. These information would assist the Interviewer to evaluate the candidate, especially the Behavioral Indicators important for the job. Our Behavioral Event Interviewing Skills training program is a powerful and proven interactive seminar that gives an organization and its managers the ability to make the right hiring decisions – and avoid costly mistakes. We provide competency-based behavior based interviewing training, using the recognized principle that past and present behavior is the best predictor of future employee retention and performance. The effects of understanding the STAR (Situation, Task, Action & Results) is further important in measuring the specific Competencies and especially how the candidate has behaved in a particular situation. This enables the assessment to be more objective especially using the different in-depth questioning techniques that drives more information and driving towards the decision making process is selecting the right candidate.
Mr. SRI VAHLSAN (MAHRI) has more than 15 years of experience in the area of People Relations and is pursuing his Ph.D in Management at the University Of Technology Malaysia (UTM) Backed with years of working experience in the Hospitality and Education Industry has given him sound knowledge in Employee Relations especially in employee Performance Competencies and Customer Service . Geared with this exposure and experience, his delivery has been able to bridge the gaps in organizational needs by transforming the contents into reflective inputs for employees to succeed in their working place.

His initiatives in MEF ACADEMY has taken him a step further, where he was involved as a Co Trainer in ‘SCORE Initiatives’ organized by International Training Center (ITC) of the International Labor Organization (ILO). He is also collaborating in conducting programs with other Employers Organization within Asia such as Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA), Vietnam Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) and Employers Confederation of Philippines (ECOT), Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF) and Employers Federation of Ceylon (EFC). Since joining MEF ACADEMY, Mr Sri has enhanced his skills to include Competency Development and Profiling in HR and Operation.
He has further developed various programs in this area and has successfully delivered various seminars particularly in Competency Based Recruitment & Selection, Competency Based Human Resource Management, Competency Based Training Needs Analysis and Competency Mapping for multinational organizations in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Services Industry (Banks & Hospitality) and GLCs.
Mr Sri’s other area of specialization includes Customer Service Programs, Communication Skills, Management Development, Supervisory Management and some HR related programs such as OJT, Training Needs Analysis and Coaching & Counseling for Performance Improvement. Throughout his working experience especially in the Hospitality Industry, he was involved in the pre-opening of Hotels and Fast Food Restaurants where he had designed the Skills Training Plan for the Food and Beverage Department. While being a Training Manager undertook most of the preliminary start up functions for the Department, from creating a Succession Plan to developing the Needs Analysis.
He is a Licensed Practitioner of NLPTM (certified by The Society of NLP, Certified Trainer in Management Training Program issued by (NICC) & Japanese Business Federation (JITA) and a Certified Trainer issued by Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).
Academically he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University in UK and a Master in Management (specializing in Human Resource) Open University Malaysia (OUM).

• Understand the expectations of Current day workforce
• To differentiate different candidate personality
• Able to identify the Positive & Negative indicators in Behavioral Competencies

Topics Covered

​1.   Why Behavioral Interview

  • Realities in Interviewing
  • Understanding the X and Y Generation
  • Differences between Traditional and Behavioural Interviewing Techniques


2.   Understanding Competencies

  • Understanding Competencies
  • Competency Mapping Using the Job Description
  • Developing a Competency Matrix
  • Behavioral Indicators


3.  Connecting with Interviewee

  • Understanding the Characteristics using Meryl & Reid’s Modal
  • Sample profile test using Meryl & Reid
  • Interpreting the results
  • Understanding the Characteristics


4.  The Recruitment Process. 

  • The Job Analysis
  • The Job Description
  • Filling up the Employee Requisition
  • Glossary of defined behaviors
  • Effects of Personal Data Protection Act 2010 on Cross Referencing
  • Creating a dimension matrix
  • Analysing the CV and identifying the GAPS


5.   Questioning Techniques

  • Principles of Effective Interviewing
  • Developing Interview Questions
    • Open and Closed Ended Questions
    • Designing Behavioral Questions using TED
    • Probing & Hypothetical Questions
    • The Interview worksheet
    • Using STAR to evaluate answers
    • Paraphrasing

  • Evaluating body language
  • Avoiding Interview Bias


6.   The Interview

  • Types of Interviews
  • Characteristic of the Interviewer
  • Choosing a suitable environment
  • 3 stages in interviewing


7.   Mock Interview

Target Audience
  • Assistant Recruitment Manager/ Assistant HR Manager
  • Section Heads
  • Recruitment / HR Executives
  • Those with no Experience in Recruitment
  • Lectures
  • Group Activites
  • Role play
  • Video Presentation


Scheme SBL Fee RM950
Duration Lectures 14 hours (2 days) Members Less Less RM100
This course will also be conducted at the following dates/venues
There are currently no events scheduled for other dates or venues.