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Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya 1-2 October 2019
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is just about everything in today’s business environment. It is no longer a public relations exercise with some philanthropic activities. It is now a requirement for Public Companies to report such activities in their Annual Reports. Local Companies who may be part of the Global Supply Chain will also have to be in compliance with their Principal offices on Social Responsibilities (SR).

Labor and Human Rights, Environmental care, legal compliance and observance of international initiatives and conventions, consumers’ interest and engagement with all Stakeholders are commitments expected of Companies in the global trend of doing business. Globalization has given a new dimension to CSR - the new trend introduces Social Responsibility (SR) standards that may impact your businesses, whether as an MNC or SME Organization.
Would the SR concept be a new trade barrier or another tool to assess the competencies of Malaysian companies fighting for a slice of the international trade? Professionals are expected to advise their companies on this new trend that impact on managing businesses whether it is human rights, business outsourcing or the fast pace of technological advances that have consequences on the stakeholders.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Was appointed to the National Mirror Committee as an Industry Expert on Social Responsibility (SR). He was a member of the team representing Malaysia in the ISO Working Group on SR. He was trained on Social Dialogue and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under the auspices of UN ILO in Turin in 2003. Subsequently he became a Researcher, Writer and Speaker on CSR and related core issues for the last ten years. He shares and advises corporations on CSR trends and impact on Malaysian trade and investment.
He represents the Industry Group from the Developing Countries and was involved at all its Global Plenary meetings and dialogues on the development of ISO 26000 Guideline Standards on SR. He was appointed to various Task Groups, the Liaison Task Force and a substantive member of the Drafting Group on the ISO 26000. Dr Chiam conducts briefings, seminars and workshops on SR for the Malaysian Government, NGOs, local Organizations and Corporations. An Accountant by profession, he has been in the Senior Management arena and the Human Resource Management environment for most part of his 33 years whilst attached to a MNC. He holds a Ph.D and also an MBA and he was also appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor with Swinburne University, Australia. He is also the President of the Commercial Association of Peninsular Malaysia, Vice President of MEF and Council Member of the National SME Association. He is also a Director of the Malaysian Social Security Organization (Socso).
·      Develop the appropriate skills as a Certified CSR and Sustainability Management Professional Professional
·      Understand CSR concepts and the new trend in Social Responsibility with elements of  accountability, transparency and ethics to your organization
·      Identify opportunities and challenges for businesses to ensure business sustainability with the integration of CSR best practices into the business
·      Analyze SR Principles. Scope and Core issues which can impact on trade and investment and also its impact on the supply chain
·      Identify and engagement of stakeholders and design tools to assimilate global initiatives, conventions and instruments to meet the demands of SR Investors
·      Adopt techniques and learn how you can implement CSR best practices and comply with listing requirements in your Sustainability Reports
·      Transform your organization to be Socially Responsible Player in the Corporate World
Topics Covered
Module 1
·      CSR Concepts, Evolutions, Myths & Misuse
·      Definitions, Stakeholders, Core Topics, Trends & Impact
·      Triple Bottom Line & “Substitute” for SR Deficiencies
·      Group Exercise – Trends that Impact on Organization
Module 2
·      The CSR Professionals – Roles & Responsibilities
·      CSR Development, Engagement & Legitimacy
·      Sustainable Development, Governance & Human Rights
·      Case Studies – Environmental Concerns, Work Place & Governance
Module 3
·      Environmental Concerns & Fair Trade Practices
·      SR Linkage to Trade - Globalization
·      CSR Principles, Practices, Challenges & Issues for SMEs
·      Case Studies – Sustainability, Deforestation & Palm Oil
Module 4
·   Development of ISO 26000 SR Guideline Standards
·   A glimpse of the challenges – Voluntary/MSS
·   SR Definitions under ISO 26000 – Liaison Partners
·   SR Applications – the Supply Chain & Compliance
Module 5
·   Reporting Requirements & References
·   International Conventions, Instruments & Initiatives,
·   examples:
§ The UN Global Compact
§ Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
§ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), etc
·   Group Exercise – Complicity
Module 6
·   CSR Practices of Malaysian Organization
·   Malaysian/Asian CSR Framework – Affirmative Actions
§ Environment, Governance and Consumerism
·   Integrating SR into the Business
Certification Assignment – Assessment & Evaluation
Target Audience

Company Secretaries, Accountants, Senior Managers and Senior Executives in Corporate and Communication, Human Resource and Administration, Sales & Marketing, Public Relation, Compliance Management, Decision Maker.


Lectures, Interactive Discussions, Case studies and Exercises

Scheme SBL Fee 1600 (Not include 6% SST)
Duration 14 HRS Members Less Less RM100
This course will also be conducted at the following dates/venues
There are currently no events scheduled for other dates or venues.