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Certified Job Analysis Specialist (JAS)Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya 4 - 5 December 2019
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Is it time to conduct a job analysis and job evaluation?
Are you prepared with the necessary tools and techniques for the exercise? Are you ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution which has great impact on jobs, not to mention the escalating cost of doing business! Is there a need or when was the last time that Management had a look at it? The current economic development has caused concerns that could impact on continuous business growth and job creation. Boardrooms in some organizations are abuzz with concerns on the huge staff numbers and payroll. The question on the minds of many CEOs is “How did we end up with these staff numbers what do they do?” For business sustainability and even survival in these turbulent times, cost is a vital factor and a huge payroll normally goes under the microscope. The process of job analysis as an exercise to establish rightsizing but it can cause unnecessary “job insecurity” ripples and could dent confidence in the business.
Management and corporate leaders detest assignments to do structural overhauls which require surgical analysis and evaluation on “jobs”. It is not a popular assignment and certainly not listed on their work programmes unlike recruitment, rewards and compensation. HR professionals relished in these more positive functions in their routine rather than the dreaded staff reduction exercise. How numbers grew and job expanded over time and the forgotten Parkinson’s Law was relegated as a classroom theory that remains in the textbooks.

There is no short of disastrous news due to the sliding oil prices, inconsistent policies, security issues and violent currency fluctuations. On a daily basis, news filter in on Company closures, little new Investments, capital flights and slow or no growth in sales. The cost escalation of doing business and the emergence of unending demands on Employers with new employment policies have resulted in staff retrenchments and downsizing. It is perplexing and often not readily understood how staff numbers ballooned over the years with no parallel growth in business notwithstanding the adoption of technology and automation. This workshop will provide the tools and techniques to unravel the different job spectrum and how job dynamism can impact on the organization’s strategy and structures. Job analysis, Job Description, Job evaluation, Competencies and Measurement applies not only to new hires but also to established positions.
Associate Professor Dr Michael Chiam has been in the Human Resource Management (HRM) arena for more than thirty years. He has a diverse background with exposures and experiences at the senior management level in Malaysia as well as overseas. Prior to this present position, he was attached to a MNC in the global shipping business as the chief of operations after some early years as a Financial Controller. In all these positions, HRM roles and practices were embedded in his engagement. His HRM experiences were displayed and tested in his involvement in leading roles in the private and public sectors, Social Societies, Global Working Groups in International Organizations and Business Associations. He holds several public positions in HRM and is now the President of the Commercial Employers Association of Peninsular Malaysia, Vice President of MEF Council and also the former Chairman of the Human Resource Bureau of the SME Association of Malaysia. He is also appointed to serve as a Member in the National Labour Advisory Council of the Ministry of Human Resource and a former Director of the Social Security Organization in Malaysia. Dr Chiam is a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Secretary by profession as well as a Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. He holds an MBA and a Ph.D. with research in Strategic HRM –Social Responsibilities.
He was a regular feature writer in the SME News publication under the Human Capital Dynamics column. He was recently appointed as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Swinburne University, Australia and Lecturer for the Top up courses for Northampton University, UK Masters Degree.
  • Develop the appropriate skills, the tools and techniques as a “Certified Job Analysis Specialist”;
  • Understand the challenging employment landscape to face the 4th Industrial Revolution and the escalating  cost need to be contained and rightsizing the workforce is essential;
  • Prepare and raise awareness that competition in the globalized business arena will extract on the organization to have the right talent to achieve the desire productivity and performance;
  • Learn the right techniques and tools to analyse and evaluate jobs that match with fair remuneration and rewards to achieve the organization goals;
  • How to identify gaps and weaknesses so as to develop a team of dedicated and committed work force that will withstand the onslaught of competition and overcome the rough and tough terrains of business;
  • Steps to be taken to transform the organization to be an Employer of Choice where all resources are geared towards maximum output and excellence!
Topics Covered
  • Introduction – “The changing Job Landscape” and the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution!
  • Study on jobs and Job Audit?
  • Current employment/unemployment issues
  • Class Exercise – Detecting “Redundancies” & “Excesses”
  • Impact on Jobs - Global challenges
  • Trade Agreements/AEC 2015 – more than trade!
  • Social Protection Floor:  Workers’ Rights?
  • Organization Changes: Impact on Employment.
  • Case Study – “The Layoff”
  • Essentials of Job Functions
  • Parkinson’s Law and Peter Principle
  • Job Dynamism & Organization Strategy
  • Effective Job Description & Implementation
  • Constructing a Job Analysis Checklist?
  • Job Analysis - a tool for HR Management
  • Why job evaluation?
  • Does job changes with people?
  • Jobs – “The Human Side of Enterprise”
  • Techniques for Job Enhancement/Enlargement
  • Strengthening Multi-Tasking/Skilling
  • Identifying Jobs impact on Organization
  • Job measurement & Emerging trends
  • Job Identification
  • Competency-based job analysis
  • Use of Competency analysis
  • Competencies Ranking – Exercise
  • HRM Measurement – Ratios and Standards
  • Competencies Evaluation tools and Planning
  • Talent Management and Retention
  • Future of Works


Target Audience

​Human Resource and Administration Managers, Heads of Departments and Senior Executives, Management Decision Makers and anyone engaged with managing Employees


​Lectures, Interactive Discussions, Case Studies and Exercises

Scheme SBL Fee RM 1,500 (Not include 6% SST)
Duration 14 Hours Members Less Less RM100
This course will also be conducted at the following dates/venues
There are currently no events scheduled for other dates or venues.