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Upcoming Trainings & Events
Feasible Study and Decision-Making using Microsoft Excel `What-If-Analysis’Mid Valley City, KL 18 November 2019
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What-If-Analysis is the process of changing the values in Excel computation to see how the changes will affect the outcome of formulas/results on the worksheet. Understanding the implications of changes and the factors that cause the changes are crucial when it comes to analysing your data and making decisions. What would be the effect of an increase of costs, or if the turnover rose/fell by a certain amount? How would a change in interest rates or exchange rates affect your profits? Excel offers easy-to-use tools to save time calculating and help to make more accurate forecast. The four types of `What-if-analysis’ are the Data Tables, Scenarios, Goal Seek and Solver.
Topics Covered
Module 1: Data Tables
  • Develop a calculation system to analyse your data
  • Effectively selecting the most viable option from the multiple of results shown
  • Apply `sensitivity analysis’ model to determine which assumption are critical in decision making
Module 2: Goal Seek Function
  • Effectively get the optimum output/factors to attain your objective/results or target value in a single dimension problem
  • Leveraging on practical examples and applying the concepts and factors at work
Module 3: Scenarios
  • Identify and accessing the various output results by selecting the best case and worst case scenarios/situation.
  • Apply practical example in projecting forecast, costings and analysis
Module 4: Solver
  • Effectively manage multi-variable problems in Excel
  • Identify your constraints and limitation in analyzing and solving problems
  • Leveraging on practical examples and applying concepts at your work setting
Target Audience
  • Lecture

  • Demonstration

Scheme SBL Fee RM 636
Duration 7 Hours Members Less -
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