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Upcoming Trainings & Events
Covid-19: Effective Strategies for remote working (Working from home)Online learning - Microsoft Teams 9-10 July 2020
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RM 350 (Members) per-person
RM 370 (Non- Members) per-person
The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. How we work, exercise, shop, learn, communicate, and of course, where we work, will be changed.

With most countries implementing social distancing and work-from-home policies due to COVID-19, companies now are pivoting—often 180 degrees—to manage, train, and motivate hundreds of thousands of employees from a distance.
Working in a home office requires a unique set of skills. Remote or virtual employees have additional challenges created by not being in a centralized office. Communication issues alone make it a challenging job and recognizing these challenges will help your employees establish the additional skills needed to be successful in their work from home environment.

This WFH course addresses the concerns on Communication, Employee Management and Applicability of Discipline as well as the common pit falls to be avoided by Employers and Employees that must be considered.  This programs looks at the 3 key practices concerning WFH especially the understanding the best practices, ergonomics and legal aspect of WFH.
The participants will be able to understand;
•Understand the best practices of working from home
•Enable participants to understand safety aspects of working from home
•Enable participants to understand the regulations for working from home
•To be able to fulfill the employment regulations for WFH.
Trainer: Ms SRI VAHLSAN (2 Hrs)
1.Future of work
2.Communicating and  managing remote workers
3.Common questions about remote work
Trainer: Tn Hj Anis Fahmi (2.5 Hrs)
4.Ergonomics setup at home
5.Work-related accident and reporting under OSH Act 1994 while working from home
6.Hazards and risk while working at home
Trainer: Mr Nantha Kumar (2.5 Hrs)
7.Employer responsibilities for WFH arrangements.
8.Employee responsibilities for WFH arrangements.
9.General rules to be adopted by Employers for WFH implementation.
10.Applicability of Disciplinary rules in WFH situations.
Oral and video Presentations, Discussions and Case Study

•2 days ( 3.5 hrs per day)
•7 hours total
Senior Consultant, Industrial Relations, has been with MEF since 2009. He has represented many MEF member companies in numerous dismissal cases at the Industrial Court, conciliation proceedings and Labour Court cases as well as in Collective Agreement (CA) negotiations and CA dispute cases. He has also conducted numerous in house and Public Training programs in various IR related areas during his time with MEF. He has previous working experience with a commercial Bank where his last position was as a Senior Executive in the Operations Control/Audit Review Dept. He left the Bank in 2001 to further his legal studies. After graduating with an LLB (Hons) degree he completed the English Bar Vocational Course and qualified as an Advocate & Solicitor in 2005. He joined practiced with Messrs Sri Ram & Co and Messrs P Kuppusamy & Co specializing in Employment Law practice before joining MEF.
The Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) Consultant of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) since 2003. Prior joining MEF he served NIOSH-Malaysia for five years as a Training Officer overseeing the Safety and Health Officer training course. His main function includes representing MEF in the various technical committees in the Industrial Safety Standard Committee of the Department of Standard Malaysia, meetings with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH); and NIOSH. He has also served as an OSH auditor for the prestigious Malaysian Society for OSH Award for almost 16 years. Ultimately, he also sits in the Examination Panel Review Committee of NIOSH Certification Sdn Bhd that oversees the OSH lead auditor examination. He represented the International Organization of Employers in the final meeting of ISO 45000 Project Committee in 2017. Tn Hj. Anis Fahmy is an OSH Master trainer recognized by International Training Centre of the ILO and holds a Master of Science in OSH Management; and Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) Major in Human Resource Management from University Utara Malaysia.
K SRI VAHLSAN (Certified NLP Coach & Practitioner)
Consultant Training with MEF Academy, has more than 15 years of experience in the area of People Relations.) and a Professional member of the Australian Human Resource Institute (MAHRI). Backed with years of working experience in the Hospitality and Education Industry has given him sound knowledge in Employee Relations especially in employee Performance Competencies and Customer Service . Geared with this exposure and experience, his delivery has been able to bridge the gaps in organizational needs by transforming the contents into reflective inputs for employees to succeed in their working place. He has worked with organizations within Malaysia and outside Malaysia namely Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam in executing training programs.
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