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MEF’s latest publication “MEF Survey on Medical Benefits and Man-Days LossFriday, 11 September 2015
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​It is my pleasure to inform members of MEF’s latest publication “MEF Survey on Medical Benefits and Man-Days Loss”.

2. ...Medical benefits form an important part of the compensation and benefits package offered by employers to attract, retain and engage employees. However there is a growing concern on the continuing increase in medical expenses which impact the overall payroll costs. The MEF Survey on Medical Benefits and Man-days Loss which was participated by 219 companies, addresses the needs of employers in managing medical benefits and man-day loss in their companies. This comprehensive guide covers: 

    • latest medical benefits packages provided by companies to their employees as part of the company’s attraction and retention strategies
    • man-days loss, the causes, monitoring methods and measures to reduce man days loss.

3. ..The medical benefits include:

    • Outpatient/Non Hospitalisation Medical Consultation & Treatment Benefits
    • Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits
    • Dental and Optical Benefits
    • Maternity Benefits
    • Medical Benefits to Dependants

4. ...The Survey report provides detailed analysis of medical benefits of the participating companies by sector, industry, location, employment size, capital ownership, sales turnover and local/multinational companies.

5. ...To purchase the “MEF Survey on Medical Benefits and Man-Days Loss”, kindly fill up the attached Order Form.

Medical Benefits,  Publication
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