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General News

Malaysia Ratifies ILO Convention No. 131 : Minimum Wage Fixing Convention 1970Thursday, 9 June 2016

​The Government of Malaysia has ratified ILO Convention No. 131 : Minimum Wage Fixing Convention 1970 (C131).

On 7 June 2016, the Malaysian delegation which was led by the YB Minister of HR, Dato' Sri Richard Riot Anak Jaem deposited documents relating to the ratification of Convention 131 to Mr Guy Ryder ,the DG of ILO during the International Labour Conference in Geneva Switzerland. The Convention will take into effect within 12 months from the depository of the document ratified.


Present at the ceremony were MEF delegation comprising of Mr A Ramadass, MEF Vice-President and Employer’s Delegate and the Executive Director and the Employer's Substitute Delegate Datuk Hj Shamsuddin Bardan. Mr N. Gopal Kishnam the MTUC Secretary-General and Employee’s Delegate and other Employee’s Advisers to the Intenational Labour Conference were also present.


Malaysia is the first country among the ASEAN countries and the fifth country in Asia which ratified the Convention. The ratification demonstrates Malaysia’s commitments to improve labour policies in the country for the well-being of the workers and industries in line with the country’s economic development.

With the ratification, the Government welcomes the commitments and contributions of stakeholders to assist the Government to implement appropriate policies relating to minimum wages.


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