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MEF Academy Events
 17Implementing Cost-cutting Measures17-18 June 2021
 17Managing Performance of Work From Home (WFH) Employees 17-18 June 2021
 23Digital Human Resources (Future of Work)23-24 June 2021

Conferences & Seminars
Performance Management System (PMS) with Emphasis on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya20 - 21 November 2019Venue location with Google Maps
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The real benefit of this course is a change Mind-Set towards A New Approach to Appraising Employees Performance since Performance Management is an on-going communication process undertaken in partnership between an employee and the employer focussing on what the organisation, managers and employees need to succeed. Performance Appraisal is just a portion of the whole process. The course also emphasize on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) which is a systematic approach to deal with Poor Performers. A company must first have a Comprehensive Performance Management System as only then a PIP would be an effective tool to improve Poor or Underperformers. The Course shall expose participants on the said comprehensive system to deal with Poor Performers.

Participants will be exposed to a specialised approach to identify and deal with the three main categories of employees in the company; A class being the Top employees, B class the Solid Contributors and C class the Underperformers or also known as Driftwood or Laggards. The Course blends the Administrative / Management Approach in PMS with the Requirements and Guidelines prescribed by the Industrial Court through its Awards. A point worth noting in respect of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Management in the Company, is that the Final Arbiter in determining the appropriateness of disciplinary action taken against a Poor Performer is not the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Managing Director; but The Industrial Courts Malaysia, when cases are adjudicated at the said Court. Course Participants will be exposed with many Landmark Industrial Court Awards including related decisions of the High Court, the Appeal Court and the Highest Court of The Land, the Federal Court.

Topic Covered

Day 1
  • Concept of Security of Tenure in Employment from the Legal Perspective
  • An Exercise to Categorize Employees
  • Insight into Performance Management System
  • Performance Measurements
  • Evaluation of Performance Data
  • Identification of Poor Performers
  • Introductory Exercise on Performance Management Plan.
Day 2
  • Behavioural Approach in dealing with Poor Performers
  • Managing, Teaching, Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring
  • Legal Approach in dealing with Poor Performance / IrekaRooftech Principle
  • Due Process
  • Formulating a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Agreement
  • Managing Poor Performers at Senior Level
  • Question & Answers


LT COL (R) HJ MOHD AKHIR BIN HJ HAMZAH is a Senior Consultant – IR in MEF. Prior to joining MEF, he was a Senior Manager Human Resource at the International Medical University (IMU). His career in the private sector initially was as an Assistant Registrar at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). He joined UNITEN upon completion of his Masters of Business Administration, University of Wales, College of Cardiff UK. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Transport UK and a UiTM graduate. Lt. Col. Akhir has extensive experience in representing member companies in Industrial Court hearings at the Industrial Court. His other main key role is as a Trainer; conducting Industrial Relations courses at public programs and at company premises which include his forte conducting the course on Performance Management System (PMS) for which he has co-written a book on the subject – Practical Guide on Performance Management.


Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya

No. 12, Jalan Utara,
Pjs 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

  • MEF Members: RM1,500 + 6% SST
  • Non-Members: RM1,650 + 6% SST
For more details of the Programs & Registration Form, please see the attached files.

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03 - 7955 7778

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