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 05[SVTT] Health Safety Environment5 December 2022 (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
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 05[IT] Microsoft Excel Essential Skills 5-6 January 2023  (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)

MEF Online Webinar - Best Practice on Chemical Management Program in WorkplaceMicrosoft Teams (Online)18 October 2022
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18 October 2022
Microsoft Teams - Online
Introduction & Objectives
Chemical management at the workplace is part of the legal requirement under the OSH(USECHH) 2000 regulations. Its implementation requires company to engage competent person which may be third party consultant. This process involves proper planning & budgeting in order to optimise company’s resources. This webinar will guide participants on how to optimise the output of the chemical related program.
The objectives of the webinar are:
  • Understand USECHH 2000 and CLASS 2013
  • Plan for budgeting and preparing technical specification
  • Know how to manage OYK and coordinate program
  • Design for chemical management program
  • Identify action to be taken to reduce exposure By attending the webinar, participants will be more equip to implement chemical management program with better output and cost effective.
By attending the webinar, participants will be more equip to implement chemical management program with better output and cost effective.
DR SUHAILY AMRAN - holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences (workers exposure monitoring), UKM and a Masters of Science in OSH Management, UUM. She is an industrial hygienist by profession since year 2000. Among her work includes chemical assessment, chemical monitoring, management of schedule waste, management of radiation protection program and management of chemical laboratory. She was also involved in the Malaysian Standard Technical Committee of chemical control in laboratory safety.
Who should attend?
Employer, Safety and Health Officer, Safety and Health Committee members, Procurement officer and Human Resource personnel may benefit from the webinar.
Introduction to the Webinar

Session 1:
  • Understanding OSH(USECHH) Regulations 2000 and OSH (CLASS) Regulations 2013.
Session 2:
  • Planning and Budgeting    
  • Preparing technical specification for project tendering
  • Managing consultant and Competent Person (OYK)
  • Program Coordination
Session 3:
  • Specific program implementation: CHRA, exposure monitoring, medical surveillance, engineering control inspection and hazard communication
Session 4:
  • Continuation
  • Summary of course
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  • MEF Members: RM 300 inclusive of 6% SST
  • Non-Members: RM 400 inclusive of 6% SST
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