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Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Safety & Health  >   Hazards at Workplace
expand    What are hazards and how can I identify them at my workplace?

​Hazard is defined as anything or any source that can cause harm to the human and damage to property. Basically hazards are classified into 5 namely:

  1. Chemical hazards – e.g. Dust, Fumes, Vapour

  2. Physical hazards – e.g.  Noise, Vibration, mechanical, electrical and fire

  3. Biological hazards – e.g. Virus, Fungus , Bacteria

  4. Psychosocial hazards – e.g. sexual harassment, peers influence and pressure

  5. Ergonomic risk factor – e.g. incorrect way of lifting, repetitive motion and over reaching.
Hazard can be identified at the workplace by conducting inspections, Hazard Analysis and Job Safety analysis.

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