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Survey Summaries

MEF Fringe Benefits Survey, 2016
Published on 24 November 2016

​The MEF Fringe Benefits Survey 2016 which was participated by 152 member companies, provided up-to-date comprehensive guide on various types of fringe benefits provided by employers as the right mix in compensation packages offered by companies is crucial in attracting and retaining the right talent. The various types of fringe benefits covered in the Survey include:

  • leave
  • medical benefits (non hospitalisation & hospitalisation treatments)
  • allowances
  • retirement benefits
  • retrenchment benefits


Following were among the findings of the Survey:

  • 95.8% of respondent companies provided paid maternity leave of 60 days to the executives and non executives compared to 4.2% of respondent companies which provided more than 70 days of paid maternity leave.
  • The average annual limit for payment of outpatient treatment provided to the top/senior managers was RM3,609.61; managers (RM2,601.75); executives (RM2,101.39) and non executives (RM1,478.51)
  • For respondent companies which provided group hospitalisation and surgical insurance, the annual coverage for top/ senior managers averaged RM109,765.64; managers (RM83,964.46); executives (RM73,053.09) and non executives (RM64,035.21)

fringe benefits
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