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Survey Summaries

MEF Salary Survey for Executives and Non Executives 2017
Published on 10 November 2017

​The MEF Salary Survey for Executives and Non Executives 2017 reports were published as the twenty third edition in the annual series of salary survey reports since 1995. The Executives Report provided a comprehensive coverage of 167 benchmark positions covering 18,810 Executives’ salaries of 265 members from manufacturing and non manufacturing sectors while the Non Executives Report covered 101 benchmark positions of 33,646 Non Executives’ salaries. The Reports also provided findings on issues relating to skills upgrading and skills certification.

Among the highlights of the survey were:

  • the average salary increase for executives in 2017 remained the same at 5.55 percent
  • the average salary increase for non executives was 5.44 per cent which was slightly lower as compared to 5.51 percent in 2016.
  • the average forecasted bonus for executives for 2018 was 2.14 months which was slightly higher than the 2.09 months of actual bonus granted in 2017
  • the average forecasted bonus for non executives was 2.02 months for 2018 which was higher than 1.81 months of actual bonus in 2017
  • 90.6 percent of the respondent companies indicated that they adopted various strategies to upgrade the skills of their executives while 88.7% of the respondent companies adopted skills upgrading strategies for non executives

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