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Survey Summaries

MEF Fringe Benefits Survey 2018
Published on 29 November 2018
​The MEF Fringe Benefits Survey 2018 Report provides access to the latest trends in benefits packages for executives and non executives as reported by 205 respondent companies in Malaysia. The various types of fringe benefits surveyed included leaves, medical benefits (outpatient & hospitalisation), allowances and reimbursements, loans, retirement benefits, retrenchment benefits and other benefits (car parking, company sponsorship for employee’s education, loans, club membership, long service awards etc.).
Among the findings of the survey were:
  • all participating companies provided annual leave and sick leave for top/ senior managers, managers, executives and non executives.
  • 92% of the respondent companies granted 60 days paid maternity leave to the female employees while 7.0% of the respondent companies provided for 90 days of paid maternity leave.
  • 42.5% of respondent companies implemented flexible working hours at the workplace.
  • top/ senior managers, managers and executives were entitled to car mileage reimbursement at an average of RM0.66 per km whilst the non executives were entitled to average car mileage reimbursement of RM0.65 per km. 

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