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Industrial Relations
Employment Relationship

‚ÄčThe course will assist all who are involved in industrial law especially industrial relations and human resource practitioners to understand better the various facets of employment relationship. The course provides detailed analysis and discussion on employment relationship between employers and employees. An outline will be given on the framework of individual contracts and collective relations as it affects rights, immunities and obligation of employers and employees. The aim is to present a systematic and integrated view of the related laws, regulations and practices that have impacted employment relationship. Various situations that arise in the context of employment relationship will be discussed and analysed. This course would guide employers in avoiding pitfalls in the management of employment relationship especially in the context of rapidly changing work environment.

Topics Covered
  1. Contract of Employment
  2. Structure of the Contract
  3. Obligations of Employers & Employees
  4. Contractual Performance
  5. Fixed Term Contract
  6. Transfer, Relocation & Change of Ownership
  7. Order of a Superior in Employment Relationship
  8. Termination of Contract of Employment
  9. Constructive Dismissal
  10. Employee Handbook
  11. Retirement Age
  12. Recruitment and Job Offer
  13. Drawing the Employment Contract
  14. The Duty to Exercise Due Care in respect of Occupational Safety & Health
  15. Sources of Individual Right, Obligations and Restriction Imposed on Employment Contract by Statues
  16. Variation of Employment contract
  17. Secondment
  18. Probationer
  19. The Right to Dismiss
  20. Collective Agreement
  21. Absenteeism and Sick Leave
Target Audience

All those involved in handling personnel and industrial relations functions.


Scheme SBL Fee RM1,080
Duration 14 hours (2 days) Members Less Less RM100