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Information & Communication Technology
PowerPivot: Powerful Data Analysis and Data Modeling in Microsoft Excel
  • Learn Import Data from Different Sources
  • Learn to create Visually Appealing Analytical Models
  • Learn to use the powerful new analytical capabilities, the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Topics Covered
Lesson 1: Introduction to PowerPivot
  • Accessing the PowerPivot add-in
  • Navigating the interface
Lesson 2: Load data into PowerPivot
  • Uncovering data interpretation issues
Lesson 3: Table Relationships
  • Create relationships from data sources using relationship tool and the diagram view.
Lesson 4: Familiarize with the features and functions of PowerPivot Windows
  • Navigate the PowerPivot Windows.
Lesson 5: Calculated Column
Lesson 6: Use PowerPivot to generate PivotTables
  • Articulating and analyzing data using PivotTables
Lesson 7: Communicate Visually Appealing data insights with Dashboards
Lesson 8: Create simple Data Analysis Expression (DAX) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Create powerful new analytical capabilities using the (DAX) Function
  • Determining performance against goals, objectives and business processes using KPI
Lesson 9: Create a hierarchy in a table
  • Define Hierachies in a Table which enable users to interact different reporting layers and bring in existing fields into a natural table of hierarchy.
Lesson 10: Create and manage data with perspectives
Target Audience

​This course is relevant to data analysts, business analysts, financial analysts and anyone who wants to better manage their data. Knowledge and experience in using Excel PivotTable is assumed. Participants are required to have the Microsoft Excel version 2010 software and above.

  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
Scheme SBL Fee RM 1908
Duration 14 Hours Members Less -