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Information & Communication Technology
Interactive Visual Reporting and Analytics with Microsoft Excel Dashboard
Enable users to create appropriate, informative, easy to understand and interactive visual dashboards by:
  • Understanding the concepts of creating dashboards and visual displays
  • Identifying the essential techniques and methods of visual reporting
  • Integrating all the critical components in data analysis by using the relevant functions and formulas
  • Applying the creative combinations of dashboard charting techniques and design in analyzing data
Topics Covered
Day 1
Lesson 1: What is Visual Reporting
  • Outlining steps of creating reports
  • Identifying what to do and what to avoid in creating reports
Lesson 2: Identifying the Right Charts in Visual Reporting
  • Excel Charts as the key element in visual reporting
  • Identifying the different charts:-Thermo-meter charts, Tornado Charts, Indexed Charts, Funnel Charts, Sparklines and Interactive Chartings
Lesson 3: Form Controls
  • Leveraging Form Control, an interactivity tool in creating interactive, user friendly and powerful reports.
  • Uncovering the `big mystery’ of Form Controls. Exploring and mastering the usage of the 5 important Form Controls.
Day 2
Lesson 4: Conditional Formatting
  • Extending functional capabilities of Conditional Formatting in creating Visual Reporting.
  • Leveraging on the 5 conditional formatting `tips and tricks’ in transforming reports into impressive visual reports.
Lesson 5: Applying Functions in Visual Reporting
  • Applying the relevant functions in Visual Reporting.
  • Leveraging the creative combination of Excel Functions and Form Controls in creating a visual report.
  • Create reports that are fully interactive which enables updating automatically.
Lesson 6: Evaluating Case Studies
  • With the practical approach in using both the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Sales Interactive Visual Report (SIVR) case studies throughout the class, users evaluate and learn the applicability of Visual
Target Audience
This course is relevant to managers in Human Resources, Sales, Finance and all who needs to analyze, design and present meaningful visual reports. Participants are required to have the knowledge of Excel Functions prior to attending.
  • Lecture
  • Demonstration
Scheme SBL Fee RM 1378
Duration 14 Hours Members Less -