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Industrial Relations
Understanding Job Evaluation

​Job evaluation is a systematic method of determining the value or worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It attempts to make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational wage structure. The objective of this course is to enlighten participants in understanding the methods of how jobs are being evaluated and compared against each other to assess their relative worth. In many organizations the relative worth of jobs is based on the rule-of-thumb by comparing job titles generally used in the job market. In Company ‘A’, the human resource practitioner may be given the title General Manager Human Resource, while his counterpart in Company ‘B’, is called Vice-President Human Capital Development. In reality, are the two jobs the same or similar in terms of their value or worth? The course is participative and participants will be exposed in the actual methods of how the value or worth of jobs are being determined. It is expected that at the end of the course participants will have grasped the principles and methods that determine the worth of any job.

Topics Covered
  • Understanding Job Evaluation
    • Overview
    • The design of job
  • What is Job Satisfaction.
  • Socio-psychological aspects of pay
    • The role of money as a reward for work
  • ILO Convention C.100: Equal Remuneration Convention,1951
  • Preparing the groundwork for Job Evaluation
    • What is ‘work’?
    • Job Evaluation defined.
    • Acceptance of Job Evaluation
    • The need for consensus
    • Job Analysis
  • Applying Job Evaluation techniques
    • Quantitative
    • Non-Quantitative
  • Development and recent research in Job Evaluation

  • Market Value Theory and Job Evaluation
    • The relationship of Job Evaluation to market value
    • Approaches to job value
  • Practical problems in the application of Job Evaluation
    • Consideration
    • Application procedure
    • Committee
    • The team of analysts
    • Workers’/Union’s participation
    • Translating the job hierarchy into wage structure
    • Attitude of employers, workers and trade unions towards Job Evaluation
  • International trends in the use of Job Evaluation
  • Implementing Job Evaluation – Group Exercise
Target Audience
  • ​Lectures
Scheme SBL Fee RM 1,100 (Not include 6% SST)
Duration 16 Hours Members Less Less RM100