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Upcoming Trainings & Events
Business Communication Series: Presentation Skills (Intermediate Level) MEF Academy, Petaling Jaya 9-10 July 2024 (8.30 AM – 5.00 PM)
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Course Fee
RM 1, 600 (inclusive SST) per participant

Mastering presentation skills is the key to unlocking your full potential in today's dynamic and competitive professional world. Whether you are delivering a pitch to potential clients, presenting findings to stakeholders, or leading a team meeting, the ability to communicate your ideas effectively is essential. With strong presentation skills, you can captivate your audience, convey your message with clarity and confidence, and inspire action. Invest in honing your presentation skills today and watch as doors of opportunity open, careers soar, and success becomes second nature.
About the Course
Effective presentation skills are essential for success in today's competitive professional landscape. Whether pitching ideas to clients, delivering reports to colleagues, or presenting to senior management, the ability to communicate persuasively and confidently is a valuable asset. This course is designed to equip working professionals with the knowledge, strategies, and practical skills needed to deliver impactful presentations with confidence and clarity.
By the end of this workshop, participants will have developed intermediate-level presentation skills and techniques to deliver compelling and impactful presentations.
Through a combination of theory, practical exercises, and feedback, participants will be equipped to engage and influence audiences effectively in professional settings.
Key Take-Aways
1. Understanding Your Audience: Participants will learn techniques for analyzing their audience's needs, preferences, and expectations to tailor their presentations effectively.
2. Structuring Your Presentation: Participants will understand the importance of a clear and logical presentation structure, including crafting engaging openings, organizing content coherently, and delivering compelling conclusions.
3. Enhancing Content Development: Participants will learn strategies for developing engaging content that resonates with the audience, including storytelling, using humor, and incorporating real-life examples.
4. Mastering Verbal Delivery: Participants will practice advanced verbal delivery techniques such as vocal variety, pacing, and emphasis to convey their message with impact and authenticity.
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Intermediate Presentation Skills
Module 2: Preparing for a Presentation
Module 3: Structuring Your Presentation
Module 4: Enhancing Content Development
Module 5: Advanced Verbal Delivery Techniques
Module 6: Leveraging Non-verbal Communication
Module 7: Maximizing Visual Aids and Technology
Module 8: Handling Questions
Presentation Practice
Feedback, course evaluation, and course summary
*For more information, please click and refer to the brochure.
Farha Uzaimi is a certified trainer and coach with a fervent passion for learning and training. She is recognized by the Panel of Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd (PSMB) in Malaysia, for conducting HRDF Train-The-Trainer and Master Trainer Cert IV in Training and Assessment programs for both public and private sectors. Her extensive experience spans across various fields including education, human resource management, coaching, instructional design, travel and tourism, hospitality, and retail.
Farha has conducted a plethora of HR-related training sessions for companies such as PKFZ, Integrated Logistics Solutions Sdn Bhd, IK Academy, and Shell. Her expertise ranges from fundamental topics such as Introduction to HRM and Introduction to Organization Behavior to more specialized areas such as coaching for development. She has also been involved in conducting 1MGRIP programs, PENJANA programs and Master Trainer Cert IV (TAE40110) Training and Assessment sessions.
Farha has contributed significantly to curriculum development, having been a panel member for NOSS and NCS Z070 for PSMB Certified Trainer. She has also served on committees and advisory panels for various educational initiatives, including the Diploma in Retail Management. Farha's coaching and mentoring skills have been instrumental in guiding individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.
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