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[IT] Tasks Automation with Microsoft Excel Macro / VBA (Fundamental & Intermediate) Online Learning – Microsoft Teams 20-21 December 2023 (9.00 AM – 5.00 PM)
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Course Fee
RM 1, 007 (inclusive SST) per participant
One of Microsoft Excel’s most powerful capabilities for heavy users is the Visual basic Application (VBA) language.
Learning its capabilities is an enormous benefit in almost any field and at all levels of experience. Repetitive tasks can be quickly automated with the Microsoft Excel Macro/VBA. It can be used for various tasks e.g. communicating with databases, analyzing data, automating worksheet construction, modeling and simulation, creating charts/graphs, creating wizards (i.e. dialog boxes), creating graphic user interfaces GUI) and many more.
Working with VBA
• Learn the ease of creating simple macro using recording
• Discover the advantages on how VBA can help to simplify workbook tasks
The Basics of VBA
• Identify the way around the Visual Basic Application (VBA) windows
• Learn the workflow processes for automation and the VBA environment
• Familiarize the concepts of VBA syntax and its environment Learn to read and understand the meaning of the syntax
• Expose to variables Learn the rope to flexibilities in coding
Control Structures
• Learn the technique of coding and explore the If Then Else structures and how to make codes to be repeated using structures such as For Next and Do Loops
This course is relevant for Excel users who perform their tasks repetitively at work No prior knowledge of Excel Macro/VBA is required
Day 1
Module 1: Working with Macro
Module 2: The Basics of VBA
Module 3: Understanding VBA
Module 4: The Range Object
Day 2
Module 5: Variables
Module 6: Control Structures
Module 7: Dialogs and Forms
Module 8: Error Trapping
*For more information, please click and refer to the brochure.
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There are currently no events scheduled for other dates or venues.