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MEF Press Release

MEF Quick Poll: Hybrid-work model a top pick for employers for future work arrangementTuesday, 19 October 2021
Press Release

​PETALING JAYA: About 70 per cent of members who responded to the MEF Quick Poll indicated implementation of a new hybrid-work model – which combines work-from-home and normal/ fixed hours – as among the strategies for future work arrangements in moving forward post the lockdown situation.

The MEF Quick Poll also indicated that only 27.7 per cent picked the normal/fixed-hours model, while flexible working hours received 20 per cent, followed by shift work 19.1 per cent, work-from-home only 15 per cent, and staggered working hours/day 6.8 per cent (see table below).


“The MEF Quick Poll reveals interesting information about how employers intend to manage their business as we begin to live with COVID-19,” said MEF President Dato’ Syed Hussain Syed Husman J.P. 

“MEF is continually engaged with the relevant government agencies, particularly the Ministry of Human Resources, on the need to ensure that our labour laws and regulations address the requirements of employers and employees in the future world of work. 

“With the reopening of the economy in the new work environment, ensuring harmonious industrial relations may pose an added challenge for certain employers as they try to regain business traction.

“Cognisant of this trend towards work agility, the Federation also addresses employers’ needs by designing specific training programmes on human resource development and management, as well as provide professional consultancy services.”

He also urged employers to closely look at the current structure of work to create more hybrid work that will be more productive, efficient and of high quality.

“This requires re-examining the working environment in particular laying out the required infrastructure with more budgetary allocation for digitalization and IT,” said Dato’ Dr Syed Hussain.

“We also hope that the telecommunication providers will also look at upgrading and providing stable platforms in order for all this to be successful as all parties need to play our role in the new way of work.”

In another MEF Quick Poll which ran concurrently, members who responded to the question: “In which category will your company be in the next six months?” – 61.9 per cent indicated that their companies would be maintaining its current staff strength, 31.1 per cent stated that they would be hiring, however seven per cent ticked “retrenching” as their response (See table below).


“MEF thanks the government for opening up and allowing for interstate travel which has allowed businesses to breathe easier and maintain focus,” he said.

“Some employers are taking the ‘wait and see’ approach in terms of hiring as the COVID-19 vaccination improves. “We anticipate a gradual increase in employment as many companies will start looking at rehiring because all forms of business will require staff to operate.

“Employers are hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel and we hope the government, employers, employees and the rakyat will take caution and follow all the necessary SOP.”

For further information, contact the MEF Secretariat at 03-7955-7778 or fax 03-7955-9008 or email

19 OCTOBER 2021

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